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Following a relatively smooth visit to Zoning, (5.5) hours, the Intern is off on his scavenger hunt.  The plan was to change the scope of the project to exclude the breezeway, but leave the deck above for cover from the house to the coach house, in other words, to move forward as of right.  And it worked, so long as this list is fulfilled.

First stop: Driveways, to determine whether or not an application is needed to remove the property’s driveway and to restore it to it’s original condition, as a parkway.  Second stop: CDOT (dept. of trans.), to acquire the application to remove the property’s driveway and restore it to a parkway, for which there is none. Instead, the licensed public way contractor that the owner hires will acquire his/her own permit.  However, the driveway in question may have been constructed illegally, without permit. But do you need a permit to return an non-permitted driveway to its original state?  Wouldn’t you need an un-permit?

Is this the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass…, is this the Queen and her jesters and her court?  The Intern debates whether he should spend all afternoon untwisting the tangled knots of Zoning logic, or get a smoothie and call it a day.  He takes Carroll’s warning, “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!  The claws that bite,  the jaws that catch!” and goes for the smoothie.

The next day. Third stop: wait for a call from Zoning Inspector D., who’s to perform an interior inspection on the property, determining legality of coach house dwelling units, a task which records left indeterminable.  This is hashed out over the next couple weeks of missed phone calls and better things to do.  Zoning Inspect. D. turns out to be a decent fellow, and when all is said and done, the Intern finds it takes less effort to simply participate in the scavenger hunt than it does to ask why.  Has our Intern achieved a Zen triumph over nonsense or simply a worn resolve?  I think we’re losing him…


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