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Here at DoZ-OFF we were living on a prayer, fed lean from the table scraps left by Zoning, indoctrinated to believe our captors were our saviors.  No more!  A policy change at Zoning has opened the door for us to get fat off the land, or at least to save us the wait.  Zoning no longer accepts walk-in appointments! Since May 1st, zoning plan examination reviews for building permits are scheduled exclusively through the online building permit application process.  No more waiting; no more snoozing.  No more subversion?  Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

This change comes on the heels of… who knows what?!  How any of this works is still a mystery to us, but we are happy to witness a change.  We did not think we would see one in this lifetime; we were doing this for our children.  We’re claiming the victory as our own.  We’ve been wrong before, but we have a suspicion that everyone’s interest and participation in DoZ-OFF had something to do with it.  So, thanks for that.  “I think I hear singing in the street,” says the Intern Architect.  [There is no singing in the street, but we’ll let you know if it starts.]


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Here at Chicago’s long-overdue Dept. of Zoning Oversight Fellowship Forum…

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