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Divine intervention.

The architect of record leaves city hall, having just come from a meeting with (2) zoning administrators, going to bat for the client and the Intern.  He has (3) sets of drawings stamped with zoning approval, but is filled with mixed emotions.  His cosmic understanding of Zoning is incomplete, same goes for the rest of us.  In an attempt to achieve balance, we had to consult the oracle.  The oracle says:

If you lose your keys, you might put yourself in their place and ask, where would I be?  Then you might be able to find your keys through a sequential path of logic, or you might just stumble across them by dumb luck.  Both result in a found set of keys, but only one path demonstrates that something is at work here beyond your understanding, a higher order.  Since there appears to be no sequence of logic here, it fits that Zoning exhibits not simply a higher degree but an altogether different level of complexity.  Some might call it divine.

Thank you, oracle.  Balance has been restored!  A separation of church and state?  It’s just not possible.  That’s like trying to take the white out of rice.


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